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 Established from 2009, Clone is one of the fastest growing companies in advertising. The development and success of Clone comes from the passion, the experience, specifically we highlight the prestige and the quality above all else.


What we do

 Clone specializes in advertising, TVC production with the professional and creative team, which satisfies demand from clients. Clone’s works are welcomed from the market with positive evaluation. Furthermore, Clone receives the prestige, the priority as well as the professional attitudes experienced ad team, Clone step by step affirms ourselves in the potential Vietnamese advertising market . You can see our work here


What We Believe

 The important criteria in the advertising works are the QUALITY and the PRESTIGE. To pursue these, Clone is always studying, moving forward,be creative in our methods. Our people have the passion, valuable experiences and rich creativity to impulse the development of Clone and the success of the client in the most effective outcomes.


Our Focus

 Creating brand image awareness, eputation for the clients in the most effective ways through the most impressed works.


Our Criteria

 The quality and the prestige.


Our Spirit

 Passion and innovation.


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